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Motorcycle Filters

Motorcycle filters from BikeNation - Air filters, fuel filters, oil filters and filter service cleaning kits by K&N, and Filtrex.

Cleaning or replacing the air filter and oil filter on your motorcycle should be part of your regular service and maintenance routine. A clean air filter will improve your motorcycle’s performance, acceleration and economy. We offer high performance washable air filters from K&N and OEM replacement filters from Filtrex. Oil filters trap particles in your engine’s oil preventing them from damaging your engine, and the fuel filter is a common sense precaution as you don’t want dirt getting into your bike's fuel system. We have filters for most bike makes including Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Triumph and Ducati.

Filters are essential to maintaining a healthy engine. The addition of a new Air filter will have a huge effect on the performance of a motorcycle. It can increase the power output and help improve the delivery of power, particularly if a race version is chosen. A replacement Air Filter increases the flow of air to the engine allowing it to burn more fuel and produce more power.

It is recommend that you replace Air Filter every year, unless you purchase a reusable filter which will last considerably longer. It is also recommended that the Oil and Fuel Filters are replaced every year as this will help to prevent debris entering you engine and causing damage. Please choose from the options below and browse our selection of products. Alternatively enter your REG in the Part Finder above to find the exact filter for you motorcycle.