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Motorcycle Chains & Sprockets

Motorcycle Chains and Sprockets from BikeNation - OEM replacement motorcycle chain and sprocket kits, as well as uprated hardened steel front sprockets with lightweight alloy rear sprockets and quality chains by DC Afam, SuperSprox, Triple-S.

Whether you would like to replace your chain and sprocket with an original part or upgrade to an after-market product we will be able to help. Purchasing an after-market chain or sprocket can offer increased performance by reducing the weight and increasing the strength by using superior materials and enhanced manufacturing methods. Below is our range of chains, sprockets and the accessories associated with them. If you would like to be directed straight to parts that will fit your bike please enter your REG in the Part Finder.

Chains and sprockets are an essential part of a motorcycle and should not be overlooked when carrying out maintenance, as they can affect ride quality and safety. We have a wide range of replacement and aftermarket chain and sprocket kits to help you enjoy thousands of miles of happy biking!